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Doctors implant tooth into eye to restore sight

September 22, 2009

I never expected that a blind person would literally give their eye-teeth to see again, but this unlikely sounding swap appears to have finally happened in Miami.

A tooth is removed, an artificial lens placed into it and it is then put over the eye to allow light back onto the retina. A synthetic base for the lens would be rejected by the body, but I imagine any bit of bone might work as well as a tooth.

I heard the patient in the video being interviewed on Radio 5 yesterday evening and despite the Frankenstein approach it’s clearly changed her life. Perhaps it will be toenails for the deaf next?


Did He Just Say That? – NSFW

September 19, 2009

Watch the woman’s face afterwards. Priceless!

The Hollow Mask Illusion: Beyond Charlie Chaplin

September 19, 2009

I’ve seen this optical illusion once before, but never quite as clearly. Plus the commentary really helps explain what’s happening.

So, is it simply our expectation that faces are convex rather than concave, or is there something more compex going on?

How to saber a bottle of champagne

September 17, 2009

I’ve never seen this done before, but it’s quite impressive.

Having said that, it seems like an awful waste of alcohol. I wonder if it works on Pomagne as a cheap way to practice?

Hidden circles illusion

September 17, 2009

It took me a few moments, but the circles on the far left & right seem easier to spot. Maybe because the shading on the square is more symmetrical.

Richard Wiseman has more on his site:

Botfly maggot removed from head

September 10, 2009

Since watching this I can’t stop scratching my head!

No Need To Apologize

September 8, 2009

The old ones are sometimes the best.

No doubt he’s the new housewives favourite.

Workers Of The World, Meet Your Robot Replacements

September 7, 2009

Brilliant piece of lateral thinking – don’t go looking for stock in a warehouse, let it come to you.

I wonder if they can bring tea & biscuits too?

GSOH Definitely Required

September 7, 2009

I notice are currently running ads highlighting the millions of “hot men” on their books. Perhaps these guys have moved there after blaming VideoMate for their lack of success?

Yet another gem from Robert Popper

Drum Machine

September 6, 2009


Edit: It looks like you can’t link to the video directly, so click this link: