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Ad Placement Fail

October 25, 2009

Just perfect!


Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin vs Question Time

October 23, 2009

This didn’t take long! Good work fella.

CassetteBoy has form too. In case you haven’t seen it before, his take on The Apprentice really shouldn’t be missed:


Drunk Guy Needs More Beer

October 21, 2009

There’s a few versions of this doing the rounds with better pictures, but this is the only one I found with the original sound. He helpfully provides his own commentary.

If you want to see just how tenacious the guy really is, the full 11 mins can be found here:

I’ll try and dig out footage of his subsequent visit to Abrakebabra and buying petrol on the way home..

See how long this takes to give you a headache!

October 20, 2009


You can move your mouse over the image to slow down the nausea. by rafaƫl rozendaal

Letters of Note — Mick Jagger & Andy Warhol

October 13, 2009

I can’t quite imagine Mick Jagger sat at a typewriter doing this himself – particularly as there’s no mistakes! I wonder what letters from Keith would look like?

Anyway, this is from a fascinating blog with all sorts of letters. This rant about Elvis Presley in 1956 is pretty good ( There’s also an open letter from Bill Gates moaning about software piracy in 1976 (

Worth a read…

The Features – LIONS

October 12, 2009

I might have posted this before, but what the hell!

Robin Cooper & family v The Telemarketer

October 2, 2009

A work of genius!

Robin Cooper (AKA Robert Popper) wrote the brilliant ‘Timewaster Letters’ books, but also likes to do the same with phone calls. There are more examples here: